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  • Bunhill 2 Energy Centre
  • GreenSCIES
  • National Automotive Innovation Centre
  • Institute of Transformational Technologies
  • Push-Pull House
  • Alder Hey Community Cluster
  • RHS Garden Hyde Hall Hilltop Complex
  • Blows Yard
  • Global Witness Workplace
  • 16 Winchester Walk
  • BFI Mediatheque
  • Central Building Refurbishment
  • Jerram Falkus Office Fit-out
  • Conkers Aerial Walkway
  • Eastfields Estate Regeneration
  • Spring at Stonebridge Park
  • Project Genesis Research HQ
  • Maitland Park
  • The Hyde, Hendon
  • RHS Garden Bridgewater
  • Artist's House, Brixton
  • Bristol Harbourside Building 3a
  • IVIC: BIMSpace
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Holy Cross Primary School
  • Cherry Tree Children's Centre
  • Bristol Harbourside Building 4
  • Emerald Circus
  • Pontifex Wharf
  • Hide House
  • House in Hampstead
  • Baldwin Terrace Residential Development
  • Rosendale Primary School
  • Cryfield Energy Centre
  • IINM
  • Maggie's Newcastle
  • RE-Fab House
  • Guardbridge Energy Centre
  • City University London
  • Foundry
  • Shenley Academy
  • BFI Master Film Store
  • Palestinian Museum
  • Forest Gate Community School
  • Shahat Garden City
  • Kew Herbarium, Library, Art & Archives Wing
  • Brampton Manor Academy
  • Torriano Junior School Gatehouse
  • Institute for Sustainability
  • Evans Granary
  • Olisa Library
  • The Green Mountain Project
  • John Hope Gateway
  • Letchworth Transition Town
  • Stonebridge Hillside Hub
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Richmond Park Golf Clubhouse
  • International Digital Laboratory
  • Cambridge Conservation Campus
  • Bristol Harbourside Building 9
  • Bristol Harbourside Building 3b
  • Masshouse Block D
  • Gateway to Petra
  • Singapore Management University
  • Purcell School Music Centre
  • Barge Arm Development
  • Heart of the Forest Masterplan
  • Bristol Harbourside Building 10
  • Penarth Heights Regeneration
  • Li Ka Shing Library
  • Lewisham Young People's Centre
  • Centre for Mathematical Sciences
  • Education and Interpretation Centre
  • Downland Gridshell
  • International Manufacturing Centre
  • Millennium Primary School & Health Centre
  • Bristol Harbourside Masterplan
  • Faculty of Divinity
  • Private House
  • UEL Docklands Campus
  • Ludgate Hill
  • Chester Amphitheatre Hotel
  • Hooke Park
  • Pittville Art College Campus Masterplan
  • Archaeolink Visitor Centre
  • University of North Carolina Masterplan
  • Clach Mhor
  • St John's College Library
  • Goldney Hall Student Residences
  • Petershill House
  • Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre
  • BP International Group Learning Centre
  • Bedfont Lakes Offices
  • Charles Cryer Theatre
  • RMC International HQ
  • Farnborough Grange Junior School
  • Chilworth Park Research Centre
  • Morrison Street
  • MacIntyre Milton Keynes
  • Crookham Junior School
  • Beechwood Lodge Hostel
  • Copped Hall Offices
  • Lambeth Community Care Centre
  • Whittington Centre
  • Uplands Conference Centre
  • Westoning Manor
  • Winchester College Arts Centre
  • St Mary's Church
  • Royal Opera House
  • Calthorpe Park School
  • Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground
  • Bradwell Common 2
  • Westmoreland Road
  • Leighton Crescent
  • Highgrove Housing
  • Olivetti's New Branches
  • Branksome Hilders, Olivetti
  • Garrett House
  • Bartholomew Villas
  • Minster Lovell Conference Centre
  • House on the South Downs
  • Camden Mews
  • Marvin House
  • Horder House
  • Bell Tout Lighthouse
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Our organisation is principally an architectural office, delivering consultancy and design services on all stages of projects.

We are experts in client brief development, public consultation with planning authorities and local stakeholders, and securing planning permission for projects in sensitive contexts.

“Cullinans are among the world leaders in green design... Their buildings are also well-detailed and constructed in a broad palette of materials, many ‘natural’, that help the buildings blend into their settings and weather gracefully. Importantly too, they are generally popular with the users and public." 

Peter Buchanan, The Big Rethink: Towards a Complete Architecture, Architectural Review, 21 December 2011

Sustainable design

We create value for our clients by maximising the economic, social and environmental benefits of every project. We design sustainable places and buildings that will last and are low-carbon.

We look for passive energy-saving solutions wherever possible and lead the way in low-cost, low-tech sustainable design.

Tackling energy efficiency in existing buildings is critical. We took a 'fabric first' approach in retrofitting a Victorian warehouse into our own BREEAM excellent studios at the Foundry, re-using almost 80 per cent of the existing building.

Interiors and fit-out

When designing a building we refine all the details – including the interior finishes and fittings that complement the design, create attractive spaces that work well and support the building’s environmental strategy. 

For the award-winning Herbarium, Library, Art and Archive wing at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, we designed bespoke joinery of dark stained oak with bronze ironmongery and selected fittings that worked well with the palette of architectural materials used both inside and out.

Smart refurbishment: space/fabric/energy

Refurbishment brings particular challenges but we look at the whole building strategically in order to make the best use of space, improve the building fabric, provide a better environment for people to work in, and devise an energy strategy that reduces carbon emissions. 

The Central Building at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge was refurbished in phases. We began by unlocking congested circulation areas to make better use of the building. The architectural integrity of the original Denys Lasdun building remains – but with new interior finishes and fixtures, and improved thermal comfort, natural ventilation, lighting, acoustics and energy performance.

Masterplanning and urban design

We work across all sectors – commercial, cultural, housing, health and education – and we are also experts at masterplanning for both urban and rural areas. Our projects, both here and abroad, aim to create beautiful, successful and sustainable places that benefit society as a whole. 

Shahat Garden City is a 1,500 hectare masterplan for a pioneering, carbon-neutral town at the heart of Libya’s Green Mountain region, close to the World Heritage site of the ancient city of Cyrene. We started by gaining a profound understanding of what is already there, including the archaeology, complex topography, fragile agriculture and modern infrastructure, as well as the local climate.


Landscape is as important as the design of buildings in creating beautiful and sustainable places. Most of our projects include carefully designed landscapes that make the most of their context and bring environmental benefits.

The design of the John Hope Gateway takes its cue from the contours, paths and trees of the mature landscape of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Views of the Garden are framed by slate walls and the projected timber roof. Inside, routes and views radiate out to the landscape.

Design Quality Indicator (DQI)

The expertise of the practice is recognised and in demand across the construction industry. We worked with the Construction Industry Council right from the start to develop the DQI. Senior partner Robin Nicholson is a registered DQI facilitator.

We helped to develop and test the DQI, which is used to understand the client’s aspirations and to monitor the success of the design as the project progresses. We used it for the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) at the University of Warwick – which achieved a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.